Monday, November 26, 2007

InDigest Magazine

We are officially on the home stretch of our little literary venture—InDigest Magazine (at coming Dec. 3)—and we are all feeling a little pressure. There’s a lot to be done, but all the hard work, we think (and hopefully you will, too), will be worth it in the end, as we have been extremely fortunate in the fact that some very talented people have agreed to be a part of this thing from the beginning. For the time being check us out on Facebook and at MySpace to get a feel for what we will be all about.

I really can’t express enough thanks to the people who, by allowing us to put their work in “print,” forced us to take this endeavor to a level already exceeding (even before the first issue!) the limits we had originally set for ourselves. A special thanks among this group must go out to Alex Lemon, a talented and accomplished poet who, from our very first request, has been helpful, responsive, and encouraging. And on top of all of that he gave us some fantastic poems to start us off real proper like. If you do not have his book of poems, Mosquito, do yourself a favor and pick it up.

Issue 2 is taking a nice shape already, and with such fine content from the beginning we can’t wait to see what will come our way for future issues.

Please come by and see us often once we’re up and running. Knowing that someone out there is reading will give us a whole new thrill. For now, we’re focused on the thrill of actually getting InDigest up and running.

Read, read, write, and look at pretty things!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

More on The Mountain Goats

Ok, I promise this will be the last I say of The Mountain Goats for a while. But this blog, Last Plane to Jakarta, is apparently that of the lead singer of said group, and it's f'n great. I don't like metal (music), but this guy does. I love when people can like something so far from what they themselves create. I think this shows intelligence: the ability to see beyond what my be familiar, and understand, or at least try. Anyway, he goes on about metal and politics. I follow him mostly on the politics. And I have no idea what he's talking about when he goes on about metal, but I still think he does it well, if that makes sense. At any rate, it's worth a read. So check it out. And go get a The Mountain Goats album.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

It's You...And You're Standing In The Doorway

"The most remarkable thing about you standing in the doorway
Is that it's you...and you're standing in the doorway.
And you smile as you ease the gun from my hand
And I'm frozen with joy right where I stand"

Ever felt that way? Fuck yeah. It's from Going to Georgia by the Mountain Goats. This, right now, is about as obsessed as I get with a band. Everything they do (that I have heard) blows me away.

If you don't get anything from this lyric, I suggest you go far far away from someone you love very much and stay gone for a good amount of time. Then come back and see them. Then you'll know what he's talking about.

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This is how my nephew loves me

This is how my nephew loves me

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