Wednesday, November 21, 2007

More on The Mountain Goats

Ok, I promise this will be the last I say of The Mountain Goats for a while. But this blog, Last Plane to Jakarta, is apparently that of the lead singer of said group, and it's f'n great. I don't like metal (music), but this guy does. I love when people can like something so far from what they themselves create. I think this shows intelligence: the ability to see beyond what my be familiar, and understand, or at least try. Anyway, he goes on about metal and politics. I follow him mostly on the politics. And I have no idea what he's talking about when he goes on about metal, but I still think he does it well, if that makes sense. At any rate, it's worth a read. So check it out. And go get a The Mountain Goats album.

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This is how my nephew loves me

This is how my nephew loves me

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