Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Not Sure What to Think About This

I do a lot of unpaid writing work, so I can't pass too much judgment on this topic or the people in this article about writing for pennies (I also write (sometimes) on blogs that, this author so astutely points out, no one reads. Read them here and here and here). Still, this quote bothers me:

Our view is that consumers are not that particular. They would rather hear firsthand accounts from a (software) user, even if the quality is not that high.

At least I still try to make the content decent.

We're living in a society where one can get an email from someone who is supposedly an adult, and it's filled with ridiculous mistakes that one should have learned to correct in 4th grade. I know that emails and blogs and all the rest of it are not James Joyce, but wouldn't it be nice to hold each other to a slightly higher standard? It's a respect issue when it comes down to it: take the extra 15 seconds to make your writing at least approach readable. If not for you, then for the reader. I guarantee he or she will appreciate it even if they don't notice it.


Please leave all error corrections to this post in the comments section. It's always fun when someone gets on his high horse about grammar to point out errors in something he writes or says.

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This is how my nephew loves me

This is how my nephew loves me

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