Monday, June 2, 2008

Free Job Postings at

I get job listings sent to me from, which I think is a pretty fantastic nonprofit. Anyway, as you'll see below, they are trying to spread the word about free job postings on their site for any nonprofit for the whole month of June. If you know anyone involved with a nonprofit who doesn't already know about Idealist, please pass this along, or better yet, direct them to my blog.


Dear David,

My name is Ami, and I am the director of I am writing to
ask you a favor.

This month we are doing something special at Idealist, and we need
your help to spread the word.

Here is the story. Posting a job on Idealist usually costs $60 (we are
a nonprofit ourselves, and this small fee keeps us afloat) but
starting today, and through the end of June, all job postings on
Idealist are free for any nonprofit organization.

We are doing this so that any organization can try us at no cost, and
our ultimate goal is to bring you every nonprofit job that's open
around the country (as well as internships and volunteer
opportunities, which are always free).

And here is where we need your help. If you know anyone who works at a
nonprofit organization, please share this message with them. And if
you have a way to get the word out to friends and colleagues across
the sector - through a mailing list, a blog, or any other way - please
tell them that Idealist is free for the whole month of June.

Lastly, here is a video we produced for this month, that describes why
Idealist is the best place to post a nonprofit job:

Thanks in advance for sharing this with your networks, and have a good

Ami Dar
Executive Director

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This is how my nephew loves me

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