Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Republicans in Congress Don't Want a Public Health Care Option, But Republican Voters Do

If the following numbers from a recent Huffinton Post article are correct, then it is very clear that Republicans in Congress are in bed with Big Insurance and Big Pharma:

In a poll taken earlier this year by Lake Research, 73% of respondents favored a health plan that gives them the choice between a private plan or a public health insurance plan. Only 15% preferred to have only the choice of a private plan. And the preference for a choice between public and private health insurance plans extends across all demographic and partisan groups, including Democrats (77%), Independents (79%) and Republicans (63%).

So, what else are we to take from this? How else can you spin it when the majority of Republican voters would prefer a choice, but more than likely, ZERO Republicans in Congress would vote for health care reform that included a public health option?

If a party is not voting for their constituency, but is instead voting a certain way due to pressure from heavy lobbyists in Washington then there is certainly no obligation to attempt to pass a bill with bi-partisan Congressional support. Absolutely none.

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Hannah said...

Lucky for us, the Republicans aren't in control of Congress. What they are doing, however, is confusing the American public and manipulating the conversation. The most important thing we can do as voters is tell our representatives and our SENATORS (this is where there is the least support for a public option) that health care reform is not the reform we've asked for if there is no public option. And do it NOW because they are negotiating as we speak. Health care lobbyists have a lot of sway, yes, but if the last election has proven anything it's that the American people have more!

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This is how my nephew loves me

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