Thursday, February 14, 2008

Ryan, Are You Still Reading This?

If so, thanks. Haven't given you, and anyone else who still bothers to come to this blog, much. Anyway, here are some things keeping me busy these days, and NOT posting on my own blog:

InDigest Magazine
Guernica Magazine's Blog section
Common Good Books Blog, The Front List

Other updates include: still drinking as much coffee as ever, I want an iPhone, contemplating another move this summer, listening to a lot of Sade, realized recently God actually wants me to drink in excess, my nephew's a baller (last week messed around and got a triple-double), my other nephew is bored with doing tricks for everyone (turns out at about 14 months it's not all about us anymore. Damn individuality!), dangerously close to becoming an editor and not a writer, and other things.


Mary said...

I still stumble onto your blog, occasionally...Glad to see you back at it.... you must have found a computer? what's the word?

mszumberge said...

Hey, I said if you showed me yours I would look at it... and I do. I think God has been sending me the same messages.

Dustin said...

I still listen to you dave

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This is how my nephew loves me

This is how my nephew loves me

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