Sunday, September 28, 2008

Live-Blogging from the Debates

So, I'm going to condense all of the live-blogging from the debates into one post here. In case anyone cared.

Friday, September 26, 2008
"The Iranians have a lousy Government. Therefore they have a lousy economy." Hmmm, so he just called the U.S. gov't lousy.
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Obama just answered John McCain's story about parents telling him not to have let their children have died for no reason. All the parents except those who want to pull the troops out because they don't want other parents to go through what they have gone through.
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Add threats to Russia to the list of Iran and N. Korea.
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Did McCain just admit to starting the Taliban? I think if people can say that Al Gore said he started the internet, McCain's statement just indicted him as one of the founders of the Taliban.
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Live-blogging with the knowledge that no one is reading the live-blogging. How big of a loser does that make me? (Leave answers in the comments section)
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Actually, John, in Senator Obama's original plan we never would have been in Iraq, so no need for the surge.
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Actually, John, in Senator Obama's original plan we never would have been in Iraq, so no need for the surge.
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What the fuck does winning in Iraq mean anyway?! Does it mean killing 20,000 more Iraqis? 40,000? How many?
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"John, you like to pretend that the war started in 2007." -Barack Obama. Nice.
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10 billion dollars a month...hmmm, let's go back to that question on where we could cut spending.
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Do you think that John McCain knows what the Sunni Awakening is? Or do you think it's like the Bush Doctrine for Sarah Palin?
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Oh good. The Iraq War. Again, let's not just look back a couple years to what may or may not have succeeded then. Let's go ahead and look back to the lead up to the war when Obama OPPOSED a needless war. Such short term memories on these people.
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Apparently John McCain hasn't been elected as Ms. Congeniality. I didn't even know he was in the running.
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"I want to make sure we're not handing the health care system over to the federal government." -John McCain.

Really? But handing over our whole economic system is ok? Hmmmmmm.
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Friday, September 26, 2008
How can these people still argue for less regulation when it has shown that the market will not right itself? And then they only want regulation when they need to bail out their rich friends. If it's broke, change it. Don't keep arguing it will correct itself.
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Someone tell John McCain to stop fucking laughing.

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