Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Another Last Finale. Goodbye For Now, New York

I tend to idealize things when they are over. I don’t think I’m alone in this. The failed relationship, filled with hardships and unhappy moments, or, at least, not ideal moments, becomes a montage of the good moments, flashes of pleasant times, however few and far between, become the picture, and the impact of the unsavory moments becomes less severe until I am left wondering what was so bad anyway.

This has already happened with New York. As I walk the streets of Park Slope today, gone already are the unsavory parts of the summer. I will not remember the unbearable heat so greatly compounded upon descent into the subways. I will not think of the blaring horns. I will not think of the trash on the streets. I will not think of the massive apathy of so many of New York’s people. Or rather, maybe when I think of these things, they will rumble around my head with soft edges, somehow less abrasive.

But I will think most often of those things I have come to cherish. First and foremost, the people I have met or been reacquainted with. Taya, what can I say. I will think of her incomparable warmth. It’s as though she holds this city in a huge embrace and when a wandering soul enters it, that embrace gets a little larger to fit them within it. Mishka and Tara—old friends in a new place so in love with it that it’s impossible to resist letting your own love climb to the surface. James for being so open to this city, like some character in a book discovering life in every moment. All the 826ers for being so friendly and allowing me to be a part of something so great. Jen, Hadara, and the boys from France. The folks at Guernica for letting me get involved with something really interesting. And not least of all, Chris and Kate. I will look back on the maturity of a friendship, its roots strongly planted in New York.


All the parts of New York will come to me in the next weeks, months, years, and I will hold them with love. I will long for them all.

There is a lesson here about living. How often in the present moment we dwell on the disappointments of life, those aspects that make the whole thing hard, when in our remembering it is many times the complete opposite: we remember only the good.

The great album title of the New York Dolls comes to mind here: One Day It Will Please Us To Remember Even This. One day is here for me already.

Note: I took the last picture off of the blog because my mom said it freaked her out. She actually asked me if it was me! Instead of the picture, just picture a better-looking version of me with a huge smile on my face.


Mary said...

Beautiful. A praise poem to NYC. I don't know a single person you just shared through these photos, but I love them too, for walking with you all Summer. They, I'm certain, have no idea how lucky they are to have had your company these last months. I'm so glad you are coming home to our quaint little town. I must admit, however, that the handsome man with a MILLION looks (how DO you DO that?) is so completely New York. It suits you. You'll be back.

Mary said...

oh yea.... One more thing....


It ought to be illegal, that when one can drink beer with even a modicum of moderation, that one would drink swill! Please show more pictures where you are drinking, say, a GUINESS, or another gorgeous dark beer of substance! Not only do I miss drinking beer, I especially miss how I never drank beer with you.

Mishka said...

I am so happy that a small slice of my boot made your blog. We will miss you, and you are welcome to come back and share a PBR any day.

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This is how my nephew loves me

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