Monday, August 27, 2007

Another Night of Great Music?!

This is getting kind of ridiculous. I have seen so much unbelievable music since I've been in New York that I'm probably getting a little spoiled. This time it came courtesy of that great organization I have written about before, 826NYC, and their event Revenge of the Book Eaters.

The line up was an indie rock (or whatever you want to call this type of music) fan's dream come true: Brit Daniel, A.C. Newman, Feist, Jim James, Grizzly Bear, and hosted by Demetri Martin. I actually didn't know too much of the music before last night, but I have heard nothing but good things about all the musicians. And now I know why. (I do have the Feist album, The Reminder, and it is all the good things people say about it.) I have to say that Grizzly Bear was my favorite. Damn, those guys can sing. Plus, they were really cool guys. I got them on my side when prior to the show I fixed the problem of their dressing room being sans Jameson in a very timely fashion. They appreciated that. Later, one of the guys showed me how to open a bottle of beer with a plastic water bottle! Really a bunch of good guys. In fact everyone of these groups was really laid back and nice. Prior to the show there were no rock-star attitudes that you might expect. Each person accepted comments about their shows with a genuine appreciation, and, in the case of Feist, with a somewhat alarming and completely refreshing shyness. And after the show, when everyone went to a bar down the street they were all really fun to hang out with.

All of those things can be said about Demetri Martin and the other comics, too. Demetri was, per usual, hilarious, at one point referring to himself as the retarded offspring of the Beastie Boys and the Beatles. Some prick in the audience tried to heckle him by saying, “We want the bands to play.” That made for some nice impromptu comedy, as well as a small flare up by the comic. You could tell he was actually pissed by how much he swore at the guy. Good stuff.

And if all that weren’t enough who is the first person I see when I get to the back room of the bar? Mike Myers. It was just as you would expect a table that Mike Myers would be sitting at: all the other people were leaning towards him with huge grins on their faces, awaiting every word as he told, what was undoubtedly a great story.

This town is a trip.

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This is how my nephew loves me

This is how my nephew loves me

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